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Zwicker & Associates

Has Zwicker & Associates recently contacted you? Maybe you’ve received a phone call or a collection letter, or you’ve been notified of a lawsuit from the firm. Zwicker & Associates may be trying to contact you to collect on an alleged unpaid debt.

We know how stressful it can be to hear from a debt collector, and you may be wondering where to turn to next. The Tayne Law Group can offer you safe and trusted advice on how to handle your situation and provide you with options you may not have thought about.

Who Are Zwicker & Associates?

Zwicker & Associates is a debt collection law firm that purchases unpaid debts from creditors for pennies on the dollar. Then it turns around and attempts to collect the original amount from the consumer.

Some of the firm’s larger clients include American Express, Chase, and Discover. Once the firm has received a debt it claims you owe, it may report the account to the three national credit bureaus, which will result in the account showing up on your credit report.

Is Zwicker & Associates a Real Law Firm?

Yes, it’s a real law firm practicing in the areas of debt collection and litigation. Though they’re a law firm, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have spoken to or will speak to an attorney. In most cases, you’ll be speaking with a collections agent.

The contact information for Zwicker & Associates is as follows:

Zwicker & Associates
80 Minuteman Road
Andover, MA 01810-1008
P: (978) 686-2255

Zwicker & Associates Lawsuits

The law firm has been accused of breaking the law with its debt collection practices. In one proposed class-action lawsuit, the plaintiff alleged that the firm sent debt collection letters that didn’t comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by not clearly disclosing the amount of the alleged debt.

Zwicker & Associates Complaints

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) received 47 complaints about Zwicker & Associates in 2019. The company provided a timely response in all cases, with 45 closed with an explanation and two with non-monetary relief. Complaint topics included:

  • Attempts to collect a debt not owed
  • Took or threatened to take negative or legal action
  • Written notification about a debt
  • Communication tactics
  • False statements or misrepresentation
  • Threatened to contact someone or share information improperly

If you believe Zwicker & Associates has violated your rights, you can report the agency to your state’s attorney general, the Federal Trade Commission, and the CFPB.

What to Do if You’re Contacted by Zwicker & Associates

Zwicker & Associates is a debt collection law firm, so it’s crucial that you take the correct steps to protect your rights and avoid being taken advantage of.

The firm can also pursue legal action, and if you don’t respond to a Summons and Complaint, the court may enter a default judgment against you, which could result in wage garnishments, a frozen bank account, and more.

Tayne Law Group can help you by educating you about your consumer rights, and also help you find the right course of action. We have more than 60 years of debt resolution experience, and have dealt with Zwicker & Associates in the past.

In one example, our debt settlement team helped a client resolve a Discover account with an original balance of $10,218, which we settled for $3,055, or 30% of the original.

We know debt and thus we know how to resolve it. Call today for a free, no-obligation debt help consultation and see what a difference a phone call can make. Call NOW! 1-866-890-7337.