Tayne Law Group

Selip & Stylianou, LLP

Formerly known as Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP

[heading size=”5″]WHO IS SELIP & STYLIANOU?[/heading]

Selip & Stylianou is a licensed debt collection law firm that has both attorneys and debt collectors on their staff. Selip & Stylianou previously known as Cohen & Slamowitz changed their name and are known online to aggressively pursue debtors. Some of the creditors Selip & Stylianou works with are Discover, Capital One, Target, Synchrony Bank, Walmart, TD Bank, Midland Credit and Citibank.

If Selip & Stylianou is taking legal action on you, you want to take the matter seriously and contact us today to discuss how we can help you resolve debt with Selip & Stylianou. Note that if you are being sued by this collection law firm, they may be able to freeze or restrain your bank account and/or garnish your wages.

The legal process can be taxing and if not handled properly you can be taken advantage of by debt collectors. At TLG we take all of your needs into consideration and ensure your rights aren’t violated as a consumer.

The contact information for Selip & Stylianou is as follows:

Selip & Stylianou, LLP.
199 Crossways Park Drive
Woodbury, NY 11797
P: (516) 364-6006

[heading size=”5″]THE TAYNE LAW GROUP DIFFERENCE:[/heading]

Our committed debt settlement team has helped numerous clients resolve debts with Selip Law. Notably, a case involving a Capital One account that had an original balance of $5,789.06 was negotiated down to a settlement for $1,500.00. Thus resulting in a happy client!

Working with the right debt resolution law firm like Tayne Law will give you peace of mind that your debts are being handled in the best possible way. You don’t want to mess around with debt. Call today for a free, no obligation debt help consultation and see what a difference a phone call can make. Call NOW! 1-866-890-7337.