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Portfolio Recovery Associates

Have you been contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates?

Maybe you’ve received a phone call or a debt collection letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates and now you’re not sure whether to contact them and what to do about the debt they say you owe them. Here at the Tayne Law Group, we have over 60 years of combined debt resolution experience. Our firm has been around longer than any other NY debt resolution and bankruptcy avoidance law firm. Call and find out today how we can help resolve your debts, 1-866-890-7337! All phone consultations are free always!

Who are they?

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a large debt collection agency who purchases delinquent accounts from banks and creditors like Citibank debt, Bank Of America debt, Dell Financial debt, GE Capital debt, Express debt, Gap Debt, Lowes debt, Lord & Taylor debt, JC Penny Debt and Old Navy debt. When Portfolio Recovery Associates purchases a debt that you owed to a creditor, they now have the right to collect on this debt.

The contact information for Portfolio Recovery Associates is as follows:

120 Corporate Boulevard
Norfolk, VA 23502
P: (800) 772-1413

What is Portfolio Recovery Associate’s reputation as debt collectors?

According to a Bloomberg News Report, Portfolio Recovery Associates broke New York law by trying to collect on accounts that were too old. They later agreed to drop collections on the accounts, and pay penalties to settle the allegations. If you believe Portfolio Recovery Associates has broken debt collection practice laws, contact Tayne Law Group today! We have offices in Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester meet with us at a location that’s convenient for you.


COMFORT: Working with the right debt resolution law firm who prioritizes you and your needs, the Tayne Law Group experience will give you peace of mind.

EXPERIENCE: In settling accounts with Portfolio Recovery. For example, a client came to us with a PC Richards account with a balance of $4,063.99. Our talented team at TLG settled the account for $1,628.04, or 40% of the original balance! Another happy client!

KNOWLEDGE: Working with the debt resolution law firm with the kind of experience that we have in the debt resolution and collection industry helps you know that your debts are being handled in the best possible way.

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