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Debt Collector FAQ

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Debt collector FAQ

Debt is often considered a four-letter word, and debt collectors therefore have an even worse reputation.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to learn about third-party debt collectors and what legal action you are entitled to if they overstep their professional boundaries.

Debt collection is the process of a lender or third-party agency contacting you to try and recoup the money you owe them. Sometimes, creditors keep this job in house and simply assign your unpaid debt to an employee who contacts you routinely.

However, there is an entire business of debt collection that has sprouted up specifically targeting consumer debts like credit card debt, personal loan debt, student loan debt, and more. There are even third-party debt collectors for unpaid medical debt (like hospital bills) and tax bills.

Keeping track of what debt collectors can and cannot do can be overwhelming. We compiled a directory of debt collector FAQs that will help you understand your rights.

The below articles will include information such as how debt impacts your credit report, when debt collectors are allowed to contact you (and how), how to submit a dispute letter and protect yourself from abusive collection practices, how to verify the debt with your original creditor, and more.

Debt collections agencies exist for all types of debt, but debt collection laws protect you no matter what kind of loan or bill you failed to pay.

Whether you are dealing with debt collector contact, need to set up debt payment plans, are trying to understand misleading statements from scam or legitimate debt collectors, or just want to know about debt collection for your own informational purposes — this compilation of debt collector FAQs is a great resource.

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