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When should I consider bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy should always be seen as a last resort in solving financial problems.

Bankruptcy is a short term solution that could ‘backfire’ on you down the road. Our firm generally advises that bankruptcy be considered as a last resort when you can no longer afford basic necessities. We do not handle bankruptcy matters for clients but can always refer you to qualified reputable bankruptcy attorneys in your area as a last resort.

Filing for bankruptcy is more of a drastic choice than many people realize. Debt consolidation, the solution we recommend, creates a much stronger financial foundation for clients than bankruptcy ever could. However if at any time during the program you wish to learn more about the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy, we can schedule for you (at no additional cost) a consultation with an attorney in our firm. We want you to be comfortable with and successful in resolving your debt problems. As you’ll discover from working with us, our firm will do all it can to protect your best interests and provide you with helpful information, guidance, and support.