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IC System


Are you being called by IC System to pay on a defaulted debt? If so, retaining Tayne Law Group is crucial to ensuring your rights are protected and you can save the most money possible.


IC System, Inc. is a very large debt collection agency based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Their website states that they were founded back in 1938, and this agency now has more than 1,000 employees working across North Dakota, Iowa, Florida, and Wisconsin. Among other things, this agency boasts that it was the first “totally computerized collection agency in the United States” and offers a variety of debt collection-related services to over 30,000 clients.

The contact information for IC System is as follows:

IC System, Inc.

Kenneth Rapp, Chairman/CEO
444 Highway 96 East
St. Paul, Minnesota, 55127-2557
Toll Free: (888) 735-0516


Consumer complaints about this company are all over the internet and repeatedly include (among other things): excessive telephone calls, abusive language and false threats. However, perhaps the most prevalent complaint seemingly lodged against this collections agency involves unauthorized communications with third parties. This means that their firm allegedly engages in the practice of calling people such as family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers, and improperly disclosing to them that they are trying to collect on a debt from you. As you can imagine, this can often cause severe embarrassment and anxiety, not to mention fear (if the calls to your place of employment jeopardize your future employment).

HOW CAN Tayne Law Group HELP?

Our law firm has helped thousands of people in New York expertly resolve their debt issues with various creditors and collections agencies. Our experience and knowledge will enable us to save you the most money possible, while eliminating the stress and fear associated with dealing with debt collectors. We can help you understand the process, investigate your debt and devise a plan of attack that will make the most sense for your specific goals. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in FDCPA litigation and can help hold the debt collectors accountable for what they put you through.

Our law firm understands that the people who need our help are dealing with debt issues and need fair and flexible fees to protect their rights. That is why our consultations are always free, we charge extremely affordable rates, and even accept payment plans to make our fees even easier to pay.