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Dealing with Debt often Clouds the Big Picture. Tayne Law Group’s debt mediation program is designed to help you see the forest from the trees and helps you get back to your goals.

Our personal finance mediation program can help keep your finances and relationship intact.

Tayne Law Group’s personal finance mediation service was developed as a way to help couples work together to resolve their financial problems. Through our proven system of advice and coaching, we provide couples and families with a plan that will enable them to tackle their immediate issues, develop better financial habits to keep them from falling into debt in the future, and guidance on how they can maintain an open and honest conversation about their money.


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Relationships Can Be Hard

Relationships can be hard at times, especially when money gets involved. It’s no wonder then why financial problems are constantly cited as one of the biggest reasons relationships fail. At Tayne Law Group, we know how it can be difficult to manage financial matters when you’re in a relationship. Our personal finance mediation service can provide you with the guidance you need to help eliminate finance-related strife, avoid falling into debt, and strengthen your relationship.

Our Personal Finance Mediation Service Can…

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  • Help you identify and define the financial issues you are having.
  • Enable you to develop a plan to resolve personal finance issues.
  • Teach you how to properly budget and manage your finances.
  • Assist you in creating a list of financial goals for your future.
  • Help you establish an effective and respectful method of communication.
  • Eliminate the stress that comes with making personal financial decisions.

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