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Have you been sued by Cohen & Slamowitz?

Who are they?

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP, a.k.a. The Law Offices of Cohen & Slamowitz, is a debt collection law firm. While Cohen & Slamowitz is a law firm, not everyone you speak with for Cohen & Slamowitz is an attorney. In fact, in many instances you likely will not speak with an attorney if you call, but rather a debt collection agent.

Are they legitimate?

This firm is licensed and has licensed attorneys on staff.

Note: As of January 2015, Cohen & Slamowitz changed their law firm name as to “Selip & Sltylianou, LLP.” Thus, if you have received a new Summons and Complaint, it is now going to be from Selip & Stylianou. If you have been sued by Cohen & Slamowitz (a.k.a. Selip & Stylianou), contact Tayne Law Group right away. These documents are legitimate legal documents that require swift action. Failure to respond to the lawsuit will probably result in a default judgment being entered against you. Our lawyers can help you raise valid legal defenses to this lawsuit and/or negotiate a settlement so you can protect your rights and interests.

What if they already have a judgment? Perhaps you have just discovered that a judgment was already entered against you by Cohen & Slamowitz (and you are now facing wage garnishment, frozen bank accounts, liens on property, or damaged credit). If you weren’t even aware that a lawsuit had been filed against you, our law firm can investigate service and then file the appropriate motion to have the judgment thrown out. For more information on how Tayne Law Group can help in this particular type of situation, read our blog article entitled: “But I Wasn’t Served!” Furthermore, our law firm can help negotiate a settlement of your judgment even if you were served and simply were not able to win your case.

The contact information for Cohen & Slamowitz is as follows:

Cohen & Slamowitz, LLP
a.k.a. Selip & Stylianou, LLP

199 Crossways Park Dr.
Woodbury, NY 11797
Phone: (800) 293-6006
Fax: (516) 364-6607

Should I hire an attorney?

Don’t go it alone. The legal process is stressful, difficult, and confusing, leaving you at risk of being taken advantage of. Tayne Law Group has handled thousands of consumer law matters and can put that experience to work for you. Whether you are dealing with an account in collections, a lawsuit, or a judgment that is being enforced, we can help. Our consultations are free and we charge low flat fees with payment plan options available to make hiring an attorney easy and affordable. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible.

Past Cases We’ve Handled:

Midland Funding v. Walker, Index #E00841/09
Upon discovering that a judgment had been entered against her without her knowledge, our office was retained to investigate service of the underlying lawsuit and the potential for settlement of a $3,000 debt. Tayne Law Group successfully negotiated a lump sum settlement with Cohen & Slamowitz for just $1,350 and had the judgment vacated as part of the agreement.

Capital One Bank v. Forbes, Index #004077/14
Our office was retained to defend this lawsuit filed by Cohen & Slamowitz and Capital One Bank for $6,800, plus attorney’s fees, court costs, and disbursements. After timely filing an Answer to the lawsuit and raising a number of valid Affirmative Defenses to the action, the matter was eventually settled for $3,450, in payments of just $50 per month, with not interest accrual and no entry of judgment.

Discover Bank v. Azeem, Index #002711/13
Upon discovering that Cohen & Slamowitz obtained a judgment against her in favor of this original creditor, Ms. Azeem hired our office to try and negotiate a settlement for the $5,500-plus secured debt. After much effort, Tayne Law Group successfully negotiated a settlement in favor of our client for $3,650, payable in $50 per month installments, without interest accrual and even managed to have the judgment vacated as part of the final agreement.

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
If you have been sued by Cohen & Slamowitz (or Selip & Stylianou) contact our debt defense law firm right away for a FREE consultation and learn how we can help you.