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Capital Management Services, LP (CMS)

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Is Capital Management Services pursuing you for a alleged debt you owe? Are they sending you collection letters?

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[heading size=”5″]WHO IS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES?[/heading]

While you might be wondering if Capital Management Services is just a scam, it is not. Capital Management Services is a valid debt collection agency. This agency collects on defaulted credit card debt and student loans on behalf of big banks such as CitiCard, Discover Bank, Capital One and others.

Debt collectors follow a strict set of rules and regulations. However, a quick search on the internet can reveal alleged complaints about Capital Management violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). According to Capital Management Services BBB profile, one consumer stated collectors kept calling their workplace and it put his job at risk.

Keep in mind all calls are recorded and monitored as debt collection agencies.

The contact information for Capital Management Services is as follows:

Capital Management Services, LP
698 1/2 S Ogden St
Buffalo, NY 14206
P: 716-871-9050


[heading size=”5″]EXPERIENCE:[/heading] We settle accounts with Capital Management Services debt collection agency regularly. We negotiated and saved our client 75% on a CitiCard account! The original balance was $22,661.06 we settled it for only $5,665.25! What a huge savings for this client!

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