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Allied Interstate, Inc.

Allied Interstate is a large debt collection agency that has many offices in and out of the United States collecting on unsecured debts.
If you or someone you love is being contacted by Allied Interstate, and this debt collection firm is attempting to collect on an alleged debt then you should call Tayne Law Group today at 1-866-890-7337. We understand the debt collection process can be confusing, that’s why we recommend you speak with our experienced staff. At an experienced law firm like ours to discuss your situation carefully to help assist you with your debt collection matter.

The contact information for Allied Interstate is as follows. Keep in mind, debt collectors often work on commission and they want you to make a payment fast!
Allied Interstate, Inc.
P.O. Box 361477
Columbus, OH 43236
P: (800) 811-4214


While Allied Interstate, Inc. is not a BBB credited collections agency, they are a valid collection agency. However, this doesn’t mean each collector stays within the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on every call. Consumer complaints about Allied Interstate can be widely found on the internet and these complaints vary. Common complaints say Allied Interstate was attempting to collect on phony accounts, and creditors were rude and harassing. Allied International was also not stating the reason why the collector was calling when consumers asked about the nature of the call. If this is happening to you or a loved one, call the experienced staff at the Tayne Law Group now, all calls are free and confidential 1-866-890-7337.

The debt collection world can be confusing. It can be scary to have a debt collector call you about money they claim you owe. If you do recognize the debt Allied Interstate is contacting you about, make sure you know your rights before engaging in conversation about your debt. Tayne Law Group is standing by to answer your questions at 1-866-890-7337 and discuss your matter today.

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EXPERIENCE: Tayne Law Group’s debt settlement team has been highly successful with resolving debts with Allied Interstate. Since we have a combined over 60 years in the debt settlement and debt resolution industry, we know creditors!

TRUST: Working with a debt resolution law firm like ours will give you peace of mind that your debts are being handled in the best possible way. Call today for a free, no obligation debt help consultation and see what a difference a phone call can make. Call NOW 1-866-890-7337.